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About us

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 Established in the Fall of 2007, Al-Andalus International School adheres to  Al Andalus tradition and values  of raising Saudi students through the delivery of both the American and National curriculum for students from Grade 1 to Grade 12.

Our vision at AIS is to be a leading school in the application of balanced international education. We strive to achieve that through maintaining and preserving our learners' identity along with setting high expectations for their global knowledge and exposure.At AAIS, our aim is to develop lifelong learners to be involved in meaningful learning experiences that build empathy, flexibility and understanding of their roles in our ever- changing international community

Mission & VIsion


Education for Life


Raising a generation striving for perfection with a passion for learning, fostered by a qualified team in a cutting edge educational institution driven by genuine values to fulfill society’s expectations.

Our Values

Responsibility: Being accountable for your individual and collective actions to yourself and others.

Perfection: Perfection is the way to accomplish our ambitions and become distinguished in our field.  Therefore, we equip and update our environment and staff accordingly.

Learning: As a learning organization, we never stop acquiring knowledge by utilizing all available resources.  Therefore, learning is an aspect of our culture.

Innovation: We believe that innovation is creative thinking, enhanced skills, simulative environment, and outstanding achievements. Our quest to excel in this field has no limits.

Partnership: Students, parents, and the society are our partners.  Therefore, we invest in open communication and sincere dialogue in an honest manner with them.

Integrity: We believe integrity necessitates truthfulness, honesty, shura, respect, justice, and freedom. We live by these authentic values which govern our schools and our actions.


Having regard for yourself and others; accepting the right of others to hold differing or opposing views.


Being sincere in your thoughts, words and actions to yourself and to others.


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