Middle & High School Clubs

  1. SAT Practice Club
Students create study groups that focus on SAT development. The club will be administered by students that have previous experience with the SAT.
  1. Art Club
Students create various forms of art depending on their personal interest. Then discussions are formed on the students’ art. Successful art can be evaluated by the administration and hung up around the school.
  1. Photography Club
Students share and admire pictures they’ve taken. They can go out to different locations and compete to get the best shots. Photographers can also benefit the school at events and ceremonies.
  1. ICT Club
Students learn, practice, and discuss the various branches of ICT such as programming and current advances in the tech community.
  1. Senior Tutors
Seniors can tutor younger students in subjects that are difficult like math. Rewards can be given to students who present improvement in their studies.
  1. Ataa Charity Club
Students work with each other to better themselves and help the less fortunate through charitable acts. Mr. Rayan is currently administrating this Club.
  1. Creative Writing Club
Students write literary pieces on subjects they’re passionate about. Students can hold short story writing competitions.
  1. Book Club
Students can use the library to organize a weekly book discussion on a certain book every week. This is very beneficial for students since reading comprehension is crucial to all students. Participants could also assist the librarian in organizing the library.
  1. Nuqsh College Club
Students are given well needed advice and information about US college admissions and scholarships.
  1. Future Physicians
Aspiring doctors can learn about the different branches of medicine and practice simple inspections on each other such as reading blood pressure, detecting heartbeats, and test blood type. Students can also debate about ethical issues in medicine.
  1. Global Youth Environmental Initiative
Students can work with GYEI to help encourage protecting the environments through environmental initiatives such as clean up projects in public places and even within the school itself.
  1. Chess Club
Students can play chess and hold tournaments during break time and after school. They can also discuss chess tactics.
  1. Debate Club
Students can debate various issues and practice their speaking skills.
  1. Andalus Gazette
The Andalus Gazette is a student run school paper that talks about specific topics. It can be published monthly. They can also work with the photography club.
  1. Anime Club
Students can watch and discuss Japanese Anime amongst each other. With this, students can learn a new language and become more knowledgeable about Japanese culture. They can also read Anime comics (manga).

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