Elementary School Curriculum

The American Diploma Program equips student with knowledge and basic skills required for developing a student who is capable of pursuing university education and partaking in the development of his country in the field of his specialization while upholding his Islamic values. High School graduate receive an American High School Diploma from Al-Andalus. Through their achievements on the  international exams,students enable themselves to secure admission in American, Western, Saudi, Middle Eastern and other recognized/well reputed universities in the world to pursue university education in the fields of their interest. 
At all levels, we measure student achievement through standardized tests. These tests do not affect student grades. They are designed to help us better understand and measure student achievement. In addition, we can determine if our students are above, at, or below grade level. This information enables us to honestly report student progress to parents. Students below grade level are supported with enrichment programs.
At the same time this program preserves the homogenous language for teaching Islamic Studies, Arabic Language & Literature and Arabic and Islamic Culture.
In fact our American Diploma Program is a blend of American and Saudi Curriculum in a value-filled environment teaching  English, Math, Science, Social Studies,and ICT.In addition to ,Arabic, Tawheed, Fiqh, Hadeeth, and Qur'an.

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