Our Campus

1-The classes:
The classes expand over an area of 55 square meters. The space allocated for each student is 2.8 meters. The classes have display devices in addition to sophisticated electronic boards.
 2-Computer labs:
For teaching the computer highly professionally. They are equipped with modern apparatuses and are linked with the internet. Across the schools there are 14 computer labs for the teachers and students.
 3-Science labs:
To conduct scientific experiments. There are 16 science laboratories in the schools.
 4-Thinking skills and creativity rooms:
The school provides program to teach thinking skills for its students through thinking skills and creativity room, which designed to develop personal skills and build a proper character which aid the student to deal positively with life situations through a well systematically and integrated  program.
Executing this program through thinking skills and creativity rooms , which designed with the latest technology as(games for removal and installation ,intelligence games, computer programs, video DVD….).
5-Learning Resource Center
The schools have provided resource centers that contain audio and visual materials appropriate for all ages and are harmonious with students' mental faculties.
The overall objective of the center is to provide an appropriate learning environment that enables the learner to take advantage of many different types of sources of learning, create self-learning opportunities and enhance the skills of research and exploration.
Sports facilities


  Large green spaces that include 7 pitches, and fields for basketball and volleyball. Each game has four playgrounds dedicated for it . There is the games area which is allocated for first-graders in primary stage where they practice their activities under the supervision of specialized teachers.
2-Swimming pool:
An Olympic swimming pool , built in accordance with international specifications where students learn the skills of swimming (buoyancy, movement of the arms with the legs, rescue) with a number of rescuers who hold certificates in the rescue. There are changing rooms.
 3- Multi-purpose hall:
A large hall that has been allocated for a number of purposes: it can be used as a stage or a gym ..etc .
 There are 14 courtyards across the schools where students line up for the morning assembly and for various other programs. These courtyards avail the pleasure of mobility for students during the break.

Connect with us

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