1. Have Parent complete the Student Registration Form
  2. Requirements determined by the Admission Office, overseen by VPs
    1. AGE - Grade 1 student should be at least 5 years and 9 months by the first day of school. If a student will be younger than this, Ministry of Education will make an exception for a child as young as 5 years and 6 months with the following:
      1. KG Report
      2. Recommendation Letter from his KG
  • Form from Noor System with KG
  1. ABILITY - Students cannot have major learning disabilities, psychological, or physical conditions as neither our staff nor facilities are equipped for such students
  2. EXPERIENCE - Students seeking admission into Grades 9 - 12 must have completed the previous school year in an American High School Diploma Program accredited by an international organization
  1. ACADEMIC PROFICIENCY determined in English and Math through the Admissions Test

Choosing a school is not an easy task. You are searching for the very best, and a large part of your child's future is resting on your decision. Here is the right person to guide you through and to answer all your questions about admission procedure in our school.
Admission Officer

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