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Saudi National Day

Al-Andalus International Schools recently celebrated the 93th Saudi National Day with a week-long series of diverse and engaging activities. 

The festivities encompassed a wide range of events, including sports, social gatherings, literary activities, and more.
The first day of the celebration, themed "I Love You, My Homeland," kicked off with activities such as expressing deep love and appreciation for Saudi Arabia. Students conveyed their sentiments through speeches, poetry, or other artistic expressions. "My Green School" highlighted the importance of environmental awareness and sustainable practices within the school and its community. The day also featured "The Homeland Operetta," a captivating musical performance that added a creative dimension to the celebration. Students received flags, shawls, and medals bearing the identity of the National Day, fostering a strong sense of pride and unity among participants.
The second day, centered around the theme "National Student Cup and I Love My Country," featured a broadcast providing students with insights into the history and significance of the Saudi National Day. The "National Student Cup" involved sports competitions, fostering teamwork and a profound sense of national pride. "I Love My Country" allowed students to express their love for Saudi Arabia through written articles and phrases, using a Padlet page for digital participation.
These events marked just the beginning of a week-long celebration that showcased a rich tapestry of literary, social, and sporting activities. The diverse array of events allowed students and the school community to come together to celebrate the Saudi National Day, fostering a sense of patriotism, unity, and pride among participants. The school's commitment to celebrating the National Day in such a well-rounded manner is a testament to its dedication to instilling a deep love for the country and its rich cultural heritage in its students.

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