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Baz International Company for Industry

Andalus International Schools had arranged a field trip to Baz International Company for Industry,

pioneers of the commercial iron industry since 1978.

 The students were received & welcomed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed Baghlaf. The students were then taken to the lecture hall and learned about the iron ore extraction process from the ground, and then recycle the raw material inside the factory. After that, the students inspected the factory and got acquainted with the production lines inside the factory which has 18 production lines for different businesses from manufacturing, cutting, slicing and forming. The trip was a very educational & beneficial to students where they learned about iron and its derivatives and its use as well as getting our students acquainted with that profession & line of work for any future plans to help build a generation that has the ability to raise the flag of the nation to the sky.

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